Bali Hut

Why an Oz Gazebos and Huts Bali Hut?

Below is a list that we believe separates us from most if not all other Bali Hut suppliers. It’s all about quality and you are the winner when you buy from Oz Gazebos and Huts.

55mm thatch spacing

Industry standard is 65 to 120mm and when done like this it provides a thin layer of thatch that simply does not last as long as Oz Gazebos and Huts structures.

Double layered starter and end thatch

this is vital to the longevity of your Bali hut

Time honoured

Our frame is the time honoured hip roof design with A birds mouth this is how homes have been constructed for years and we simply do not rely on a screw through a beam to carry the roof over you and your family


150mm square posts or 200mm round your choice (you can upgrade to 200mm squares for a small fee)

Hand stained twice

Hand stained twice including posts prior to delivery and not in a spray booth where it is thin and translucent

Video Instructions

Clear written and video instructions and also the direct number of our chief installer to help you if you do get stuck


All square posts have a chamfer

Handpicked Timber

Every piece of timber is handpicked by Ben and is guaranteed to meet or exceed Australian building code

Alang Alang thatch

Only premium authentic Alang Alang thatch is used no black string

Rafter spacing at 500mm


All flashings are supplied as standard

Galvanised fasteners

exceed building code

Invest in the best hut money can buy!